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Invest in the London property market in buy to let

GAAM Capital advises you to make the best property investments in London


London is a very dynamic and attractive city in the world to invest in buy to let and make a good investment. With stable laws, foreigners from all the countries flying Eurozone or political instabilities in some countries, attracted by number of good universities, good level of employment, a good network of transportation, a good quality of life with parks, restaurants and cultural life create a high rental demand and make London the right place to invest in real estate.


We help you invest in buy to let and rental properties in London


Whatever the size of your investment, from studios to freehold buildings, GAAM Capital, the best property finder in London will assist you to find you high yield real estate investments and to build a rental properties portfolio. Working with our London property market experts, you will benefit from our strong expertise in the real estate market of London.

GAAM Capital follows a rigorous buy to let investment process to satisfy your demand in property investment:

buy to let in london

1-Define your buy to let project

We listen to you and understand your needs (budget, risk appetite, capital appreciation, yield, etc.).

2- Choose your area for buy to let

We advise you on the more suitable areas to invest in property according to your objectives. We cover all zones of London.

3- Meet our financial partners

We put you in relation with an international tax adviser to mitigate your tax. We also put you through a commercial mortgage broker to find the best buy to let mortgage and optimize the leverage on your finance

4- Find the best property for buy to let in London

Once your strategy cleared, we start to source the best real estate investment opportunities from the market as well as our trusted off markets contacts. We shortlist with you the most interesting properties.

5- Make the best deal on the property market

We provide comparables (houses prices) on the close area, figures on rental, on the market trends and all the information that affect the rental demand.

6- Select the right property

We can  preview the properties on your behalf and arrange viewings whenever you need it. If you want a completely hand off property management we can guarantee you rents for you to have a fixed and well defined cash flow.

7- Refurbish or improve your property investment

We advise you on refurbishment to optimize the capital gain and the yield. We can also refer you to contractors and architects or execute them.

8- Find serious tenants

We find you and select serious tenants with references before moving in. Because dealing with the tenants could be stressful and time-consuming, we can manage the whole property for you (collecting the rent in time, deal with the maintenance of the building, etc.).

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