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Why using a property finder agent in London?


GAAM Capital is a property finder in London. We will help you in your property search whether it is a house search or you need flats to buy. GAAM Capital also helps the developers to find development opportunities to buy and the investors on their buy to let search in London more precisely in the Borough of Wesminster, Kensington & Chelsea and Hammersmith & Fulham but also in the East End.

5 reasons to choose GAAM Capital as property finder in London

1-Full access to the estate market

In London, more than 90% of the owners instruct an agent to sale or rent their property. So this is the main stream to find a property to buy or rent. For example, we work closely with 150 estate agents (postcodes SW1, SW3, SW7) in the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. These regular contacts with estates agents enable us to show you off-market properties that never come to the market and even fewer reach internet. The more expensive is the property, the more likely the owner wants to sale it discreetly and off-market. Thanks to the property finder GAAM Capital extensive network of lawyers, tax advisers, accountants, finance advisers in London and abroad, we will give you access to these luxurious properties. And for us, it is essential to give you the best opportunities for your investment search.

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2-The best position to buy a property

When choosing  GAAM Capital as a property finder in London, you are giving you more chance to be taken seriously by the estates agents and therefore by the seller than clients who register with them.

They know that you are well informed on the market, you are well advised and you are a motivated buyer as you paid us to find your property. The estate agents know that before starting the search for you, we have advised you to be ready with your finance so you are given the priority to the people who pop up in the agency or call it following an ad on internet. You are prequalified so the sale is more likely to go through with you.

In this competitive market, it is really a big advantage especially in the case of sealed bid and when offers has been made, the quality of candidate makes often the difference.

3-Our approach is efficient and less stressful

With our property finder in London, you are choosing the best way to balance between your budgetand your needs. We guarantee you no stress by taking care of all the searching and all the services you need regarding on your lifestyle. For instance, we can find the best school in London for your children. Our professional finder agents also provide you a regularly discrete communication to let you know how the searching process of your prime property goes. We think that it’s important to respect your private life so no personal data will be disclosed.

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4-Don’t waste your time and let us find the property for you

Whether you are living abroad, you are working hard or traveling a lot, you want to focus on your family, you don’t know very well London or you are not sure yet where you want to live or invest, your time is precious. Nevertheless, you could have the feeling that internet is the easier way to have access to the real estate market to find what you are looking for.

Bear in mind that a property search is very time consuming. It takes time to understand the market, to review the market, to select properties, to contact agents by phone and to arrange the viewings.

Don’t waste your time, and let us find the perfect property for you and deal with the paperwork. You don’t want to spend hours with estate agents, showing you properties that do not fit your requirements.

So let the property finder in London of GAAM Capital save your time and simplify your housing search.

By accepting to pay us you will save your money. That estate agents are instructed and paid by the seller and therefore the higher price they will sell the property the better they will fulfill their role.

At GAAM Capital, we are here for you to find the perfect place to settle in London. We are entirely dedicated to you and your property search. Moreover, we will help you saving your time and your money.

5-Make money on your property purchase

Our aim is to work only for you, to be on your side and to defend your interest. At the beginning of the process, our property finder in London will refer you to the best professionals that will help you to save your money like mortgage brokers, tax advisers, lawyer, accountant or money transfer specialist. Our team of property finder in Londer will negotiate the best price on the property you have selected on your behalf. We have noticed that it is an advantage to use us as a buffer to absorb the emotion evolved in a transaction that can lead you to overprice your property. For cultural or personal reasons maybe you are not comfortable to negotiate at a certain level. Having GAAM Capital between you and the buyer will make sure that you will pay the best price for your property in London. Our primer property finder in London  always support their negotiation by a good knowledge of the market. The price can change street by street. So we will provide youupdated comparables in your close area, even in your road and market price trend by area. Like that, you have all the keys to find your perfect property in London. Not only you will save your money but you will also make money with us. Either it is for residential buying or for a buy to let or an investment you will be informed with the key figures, advised on the new projects nearby and the potential capital growthyou may obtain. For a buy to let, we oversee the entire process and at each step of your investment we will help you to make money and achieve the best yield possible.

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