Investing profitably and sustainably in Dublin and London residential property

Access to high-performance sustainable property investment in Dublin and London

With a total of 40 years’ experience in managing financial and property assets, our property management team can assist you in the private rental sector in Ireland and Great-Britain.

We offer a new approach to residential investment: developing your assets while having a positive, sustainable social impact. GAAM Capital combines its performance requirements with the conviction that creating sustainable value calls for management which is concerned with the world of today and that of tomorrow. Today more than ever, combining sense and performance is not only possible but necessary too.


  • In Europe, Ireland is one of the nations most in line with the 12 UN goals.
  • In the OECD’s positivity index Ireland has gained 5 places in 2020.
  • As a gateway to Europe, Ireland is now home to more than 120 multinational companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook.
  • 5.5%: the highest economic growth in the EU in 2019,
  • 2nd most competitive country in Europe
  • The UK was the top destination for FDI in Europe, with a total of 1271 projects in 2019,
  • As per the London report 2021 40% of the capital chasing London assets in 2021 will be targeting stock that can align with investors’ own ESG targets. 
  • 3,000 : London has the highest number of green-rated buildings in the world

Our approach: profitable and Socially Responsible property Investment

It is becoming increasingly important for investors to allocate their funds based on strategies which are both sustainable and profitable.



Residential property: a tangible, sustainable asset

Property investment has always been a reliable investment vehicle, whether it is about creating wealth, generating more income or pensions or passing on your property to your children. This is all the more true at an uncertain time when investment in bricks and mortar is a refuge value. As the Covid crisis has shown, investors have turned to investing in property at the expense of other asset categories (massive withdrawal of funds from life insurance). It is still the preferred investment as far as the French are concerned, 61% vote in favour of it. This is easily explained: residential property is profitable, safe and constantly growing. This is true everywhere in the world, but particularly so in Dublin. Minimum rental yields are at least 6%, and property assets in Dublin have increased in value by 43% over 5 years, up by 7% in 2020 despite the health crisis. As for London, property prices have risen by 72% in 10 years.  




Buy-to-let property: more resilient than commercial and office property

The reason is simple. We all need a roof over our heads, and many of us don’t need to go to an office to work. Commercial property is going through a crisis right now, and office property will have to adapt to new ways of working. GAAM Capital invests only in residential letting property in Dublin and London, and offers very strong investment strategies which can withstand how the economy is performing.

Property investment in Dublin and London: in-line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Investing in pre-built assets

 Construction is one of the most polluting sectors of the economy, accounting for 50% of climate change and non-recyclable waste. That’s why we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, concentrating our investments on properties already built. In investing in pre-built assets, we are complying with UN Goal 12 on sustainable consumption and production.

There are plenty of pre-63 properties and good size Georgian townhouses in central Dublin.

They are often run down and organised in obsolete dwellings which no longer meet tenants’ current needs, but we can give them a new lease of life. Our property acquisitions in Dublin also go back to the stock built in the 2000’s, mainly around the International Financial Services Centre.

In London, a larger city, our strategy is similar but without concentrating on the centre.


Renovating and improving properties to be more sustainable

Only 1% of the European Union’s property stock is renovated every year. Now, renovating pre-built housing helps it use less resources and be more energy-efficient. This is what we’ve committed ourselves to doing in the property we acquire for our clients.

Our renovations aim at optimising living space in terms of energy and water savings (UN Goals 6 and 7).

All accommodation is let furnished, decorated and fitted out, reducing the carbon footprints of many purchases and removals in line with UN Goal 12.


Meeting rental demand expectations

 As a result of a strong population growth and a shortage of new housing on the market, there is a chronic shortage of housing in both Dublin and London.  As these 2 capitals have very young populations (one third of the population is under 25 in Dublin and London is the youngest region in England) the demand is for small units or coliving. In London, this is already a trend: more than a million people live in shared flats.

This is why we are concentrating our acquisitions on housing which makes it possible to create co-living on a human scale and small-unit properties. In accordance with the UN’s 11 Goals, we are creating a high-quality rental supply. 

This acquisition strategy makes it possible to increase yields and reduce the risk of vacancies. By concentrating on assets whose unit costs are low, our investors can enjoy stronger portfolios and minimise their risk.


Respecting the diversity and equality of our lessees

We choose our lessees without discriminating on the grounds of

  • Origin: currently 30 nationalities from all continents: Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia
  • Religion
  • Gender
  • Age: They are aged between 22 and 50
  • Jobs: our lessees work in technology, which is a very popular sector in Dublin, and in the key sectors of the economy (medical, supermarkets, take-away, etc.)

Examples of our sustainable properties